Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Happy Birthday

Dear Sweet Iz,
I cannot believe that you are 6.  You have brought so much joy and love to my life....there are not enough words to describe it.  You are the most incredible person I've ever known...you love with a ferocity that is unmatched....you feel with every ounce of you....I worry about you in that aspect sometimes it's hard to "love big" because others don't always love the same but always know that I'm here and I "love big" too...I'm proud of you all of the times...I'm in awe of how brilliant you are and strong you are....sometimes that strength causes us to clash but I wouldn't have you any other way...I feel incredibly blessed that I was picked to be your Mommy...You started school this year and already have so many friends and seem to soaking up everything they throw at you like a sponge.  I hope you keep that thirst for knowledge...you will find it easier to back up your arguments that way =)!! I say every year I can't wait for what you will become...I don't see how it could get better but every year it does...You completed me my sweet girl I love you to the moon around it and back...Happy Birthday (I'm only 11 days late...cut me some slack you are a busy girl hahahah)


PS. Mikey loves you too  

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


So it's been a while since I've blogged...life is crazy and one day you will understand sweet girl!  First off lets start off with how much you have grown up...you currently know site words, inform me that things are a "figure of speech" (your words) and love with your whole heart!  You are officially in kindergarten...it's been a little over a week now and I think I'm still in denial....it can't be real...it seems like I blinked and you became this beautiful little person...I need to blog more often....let's make a deal you work on going to bed on time and I'll work on documenting all the awesomeness that is you...hahahaha...so...Kindergarten (I told you I was in denial I got off topic).  You already love school...your teachers name is Mrs Scott and within the first day you made 2 new friends and were already planning a sleep over....you are quite the social little butterfly....I couldn't be prouder of who you are becoming....everything has gone smoothly so far with school...you get a little frustrated when you don't do things perfectly (I wonder about the adult you reading this and wonder if you will still be a perfectionist)...on the first day we made pancakes (your favorite) and went by to see Grandma and take some first day of school pictures....you hugged your Mikey a little tighter that morning (I think you were a little nervous) Mommy and Grandma took you to school...you were so brave....we took pictures with Michael and Brittany and then walked into class...you say down at your desk like you had done this a million times and waved goodbye to me....All the Moms were crying so your silly Mommy went and stood with the Dads...I wasn't sad because I'm excited for you....you love to learn and were over the moon to go to school...We have gotten into a routine these past few weeks and I enjoy our morning drives to school and chit chatting about what will come that day...Today as I drove away after dropping you off I watched you walking in...I felt my heart swell with pride and my eyes may have gotten a little misty...you are so brave and strong and I can't wait to see what you do next gorgeous girl!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

5 years I think that should come with a prize!!

Well Iz....we did it...you are five years old.  I say we because there is no way I could have done it with any other person than the incredible little person you are.  I remember this night 5 years ago I was staring at you so unsure...probably the most unsure I've been in my entire life...I hate unsure Iz...it scares me...scares me a lot.  Today though 5 years later I have decided you are the one thing I am so incredibly sure of.  I'm sure you rocked my world....I'm sure the no one can breath life into a room the way you do...I'm sure that you are the most beautiful thing I've ever laid eyes on...I'm sure you are smarter than me...I'm sure that I knew true love in you...I'm sure that you are full of sass (I happen to adore that about you)...I'm sure you have an infectious laugh...I'm sure you are wise beyond your years...I'm sure you are a force to reckoned with...I'm sure that you were what I was made for...I'm sure that you changed me, gave me more purpose...I'm sure that you are going to do incredible things....I'm sure that I won't have to worry about you but you better be sure that I know that tough exterior has a soft heart...I'm sure that you have made me whole and I'm sure that you will blow me away even more next year!  Thank you sweet baby for being my greatest accomplishment just by being you!  I love you to the moon (around it) and back!
Love Always
Your Mommy

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Lets Go Royals

One of my favorite things about this past summer was watching Isabella fall in love with baseball...even though T-Ball is currently not her favorite sport (mommy can keep hoping) she loves her Boys in Blue...Omar Infante is her favorite player...which its very difficult to explain to a very adorable 4 year old why he isn't playing....At one of the games we went to this summer he came over and signed her hat!  He was super sweet to her when other players were pretending (I let them know they were pretending) they couldn't here us...so Infante it is!  Well I never though this would happen but the Royals made it to the Worlds Series this year (two years in a row I might add) and Iz wanted to go...so after searching for tickets and even emailing a video of her crying that she couldn't go...tickets were found....I wish I would've captured the look on her face when I told her Mac found tickets for her...I mean I thought she was going to come out of her skin...so we were going...I wasn't really sure if Isabella would be as into it with as busy as the game was going to be...but she loved it....she screamed for every player and didn't even let a little rain bother her!  Even after we had a little spill on the playground (rain and slides don't mix well) we got a souvenir ice pack and kept on cheering on the boys and blue.  The best part is they gave her a win...so at 4 Iz can say that she's been to a winning Worlds Series game!  It really has been incredible enjoying this ride with her...It is interesting that she knows most of the players numbers and what position they play...I didn't think watching baseball would be her thing but for this year it was....maybe she caught the blue bug like everyone else in KC did but I hope that I can look forward to baseball summers with my girl....if not there is no way I could forget the look on her face this year! 

The Parade...WE WON THE SHIP so we get a parade...well we went to a game we had to go to the parade right....right....holy smokes....first off I need to send out a serious thank you to Seanie and Lisa for braving the crazy with us..never would we have survived or would Isabella be able to see anything if she wasn't sitting on his shoulders...LOL so That blue bug I spoke of....they are estimating that there were 800,000 people at this parade and rally outside of union station.  Isabella was incredible, we didn't eat anything from 10am until 7pm...minimal complaints....we were crammed in with all the other crazies....minimal complaints....I think my favorite memory from the day is me trying to find a place to park (people got out of their cars and parked on I-35) I kept asking "do you think I can just drive up there" Lisa and Sean weren't sure....so they next place I asked "can I pull in there"....this happened a couple times and I kept being shut down....from the back seat I hear Iz say..."But Seanie we have to pull in somewhere"....my mini me had my back!  =) I'm thankful that we went...Iz saw a couple players (they are much harder to recognize out of uniform) and we made memories...if they win again I think we will just watch on TV hahahaha

Monday, July 20, 2015


So we started something fun this summer that one part of me couldn't wait for while the other wishes we could've skipped straight to fastpitch...Tball was well...interesting....it was a little bit like watching the most adorable train wreck you have ever seen...I might understand now why my Dad would take his hat off and stomp on it....how hard is step and throw....obviously it's a little more complex than I realized...it was incredible to watch Iz figure it out...and the first time that she "struck out" and she cried my heart broke...I hope that this is the first of many summers sitting at the ball park!  I wonder how long she will yell "Hi Mom" from the field...I'm going to live it up while I can!!

I'm glad my Dad is still coaching...he has a ton more patience than I do...probably why he was such a good coach when I was a kid...Iz liked playing the pitcher or first base...that seems to be where the action is in Tball...even though the entire field runs where ever the ball is....hysterical....Her favorite part of the games was going to Dairy Queen after!!!! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Thank you!

I just wanted to write you a little letter today just to say thank you...we are having a beautiful day in January and I just wanted to take a minute to make sure I tell you how fabulous you are....you have a personality bigger than your little self....I can't even put into words how much fun you are....today we were on our way hone and came up to a stop light...I was slowing down and from the back seat I hear "why are we slowing down folks"....I had tears in my eyes I was laughing so hard....then you don't understand why I'm laughing...you said "why are you laughing that's what my Toshy says"...You make me skip through Target and sing songs about squares and make me look for rectangles throughout the store...I'm sure people thought we were crazy...but I don't care....I'll never forget it (and wonder if you will remember). We've spent most of the afternoon playing outside....I love watching you dig in the dirt with your pink painted nails....I just hope if I can teach you one thing it's to try and see yourself like I see you.  You are beautiful and terrifyingly smart...you have no fear but a humongous heart...you are just incredible and I wanted to write you a little thank you for making Mommy smile so big today!
All my Love

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Birthday Letter

Sweet Girl,
So today is the first day of being 4!  I sure hope it feels as good as it looks!  I am in awe of you daily...right now you are dancing in the living room...watching batman...twirling your Rapunzel wand....I wish I could just freeze time just like this...on the other hand each day you get better and better so I'd probably miss out on too much....You are an incredible source of strength for me, we had a scary time this weekend.  Your Pa had a heart attack...Thank GOD he's doing well now....we were out to lunch at Margaritas (OUR FAVORITE) and we got the phone call...we rushed out of the restaurant and Mommy was very scared...I was driving and crying and calling people and in the middle of all the chaos you yelled for me from the back seat....so I tried to pretend not to cry and asked you what you needed....Calmly in your sweet little voice you told me "Mommy don't cry just pray"....you blew me away...How could you already know that...You are exactly what I needed in that moment...I hope you always remember that....Don't cry just pray...After your baths you still ask me to hold you like a baby and rock you....even though I'm starting to struggle holding you like a baby I will do it as long as you will let me...I know one day you will be too cool for that...so for now I'm going to cherish rocking you...I can't believe how smart you are...you can spell your first and last name....and are just starting to recognize a few words...I bet we will be reading soon....You are still loving batman and I hope you continue to march to the beat of your own drum...I hope that you never feel like you have to apologize for being you...I want you to always know that you are perfect just the way you are and should be proud of it...you will always have someone here that thinks the world of you...Mommy is guilty of not always having the most patience and I hope you just ignore that flaw in me..or at least just learn to roll your eyes at it....There is really no way to put into words how much you mean to me....Love just doesn't describe it but that's all I have!  I love you to the moon (all the way around it) and back!  Can't wait to see what this year brings us!!
Love you